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We have exclusive long-standing relationships with manufacturers all over the world. We work with them to continually develop, improve and bring innovative products to market. We take feedback from users and from our testing program to develop products like the Dryflex 5 polishing system and the Cyclone Dry Core Bit. We are the leader in innovation in our industry.

Diamax was the first company in the industry to contract with an independent tool testing laboratory to test products and make the results public.

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Submitted by: Mannie Bromstein

Ha! That's the problem with using inferior tools. Those darned hot metal chunks keep hitting you in the face. From our calculations a 5" blade spinning at 10,000 RPM would have a speed at the exterior edge of about 148 miles per hour. So depending on the conditions those segments would be hitting you pretty fast. You should try one of our Cyclone Turbo blades. It's been proven as one of the most reliable on the market. Also, always, always use eye, face and neck/torso protection when using high speed tools.

Answered by: Rich Tanksley - Director of Operations

Submitted by: Mark Johnston

Mark, our Cyclone contour blade would be perfect for this. It is designed for cutting a radius. I'm assuming you are cutting granite.

Answered by: Rich Tanksley

Submitted by: Sampson Emerson

Our new Engineered Stone Pads (ESP4 line) work excellent on Silestone Cambria and Zodiaq

Answered by: Rich Tanksley Director of Operations

Submitted by: jim Denesen

Our Diamax Cyclone Silent Core blades for granite are designed to cut down on noise. They significantly reduce noise when cutting hard materials like granite. You can see full specs and sizes here:

Answered by:

Submitted by: Winston Williams

Good question. The sparks on the site were designed to make the site more dynamic and interesting. Of course there is occasional sparking when using a turbo blade, especially with harder stones, but our products are engineered to be the safest and highest performance on the market so sparking is minimal.

Answered by: Rich Tanksley -Director of Operations

Submitted by: Mahood Rehiad

Our Diamax CNC Wheels are the only CNC system on the market that will take you though all 7 positions. Most CNC metal positions deform after use, making the final positions not fit the shape any more. So most people are taking their pieces off the machine and finishing them by hand. With our Diamax CNC wheels you don't have to do that so you can get the most out of your CNC investment.

Answered by: Rich Tanksley Director of Operations

Submitted by: chris langhart

If you are using our Cyclone 4 1/2 core bit, this bit is designed to work with granite, not concrete. Although concrete is softer than granite, it requires a different type of diamond tool in order to work well. I recommend purchasing a bit specifically designed for concrete. Beyond that, you might want to try a 5 degree orbit. We have found that orbiting the core bit dramatically improves performance. You may need to start with a larger bit and gradually get smaller in order to give you room to orbit the bit.

Answered by: Rich Tanksley

Submitted by: Milton Jones

The simple answer is our turbo blades are better. In test conducted by an independent tool testing laboratory, we tested several Chinese blades. None even came close to the performance of our Cyclone or Hurricane blades. See the full test results on this site at Technology/Tool Testing Not only do our diamond blades perform better, but when you use inferior diamond blades, you are risking personal harm with little chance for recourse in the event of an injury. We have been in business for 12 years and have had a reputation for quality from day one. We couldn't do this if our diamond blades were not some of the best and safest on the market.

Answered by: Rich Tanksley-Director of Operations

Submitted by: Sherry

The RPM for our Cyclone Dry Core Bits are: 1 1/4" = 4000 RPM 1 3/8" = 4000 RPM 1 1/2" = 4000 RPM

Answered by: Joaquin

Submitted by: Tom Salmi

You can get our Diamax Cyclone 14" Silent Core blade part number SCC14 from Granquartz Canada.(819) 876-7131

Answered by: Rich Tanksley- Director of Operations


We have been working with diamond tooling for more than 12 years. Not only do we use our tools and prototypes every day, we have been helping fabricators and distributors grow their businesses as well. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have about tooling, the stone business, stone, etc.